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Braiding Shop in Germantown MD

Are You Looking for Braiding Shop in Germantown, MD?

Are you searching for braiding shop around Germantown, MD? If so, come to Style Plus Salon. At Style Plus Salon, we are skilled in the art of black braided hairstyles, and we can help you get ready for any event you have coming up. If you have a particular style or trend in mind, bring us a picture and we will likely be able to deliver the results that you are looking for. Our stylists are experienced in providing quality braids and styles to people who are preparing for a variety of social events or just want to look nice each day.


If you are not sure what you want exactly when it comes to your hairstyle, set up an appointment for a consultation. We would love to introduce new hairstyle options to you or show you some of the things we are doing for local women to help them look their very best in any situation. So if you are searching for braiding shop, call us today to make an appointment at our braiding shop.

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